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This Privacy & Cookie Policy is effective as of January 1, 2021


  1.  Introduction

  2. What Personal Data Do We Process?

  3. How Do We Use the Personal Data We Process?

  4. When Do We Share the Personal Information We Process?

  5. How Will We Protect Your Personal Data?

  6. How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Data?

  7. What Rights and Choices Do You Have with Regard to Your Personal Data?

  8. What Are Your EU Rights with Regard to Your Personal Data?

  9. What Are Cookies?

  10. What Types of Cookies Do We Use?

  11. What Information is Processed By Cookies?

  12. What Is Our Legal Basis For Processing Information Collected By Cookies?

  13. What Other Information Should I Know?

  14. How Can You Contact Us?

1. Introduction.
Signature Florida Guesthouses is committed to providing you with the best products and services possible. Transparency over how we collect, safeguard and use your information is of paramount importance to us. Signature Florida Guesthouses has developed this Privacy & Cookie Policy to give you a clear understanding of our privacy practices, including how we process (e.g., collect, use and store) your personal data, for what purposes we may share such information, and your rights and choices with regard to controlling your personal data. 
This Privacy & Cookie Policy only applies to the information processed by Signature Florida Guesthouses and its affiliates or any third parties acting with our authorization (collectively, "Signature Florida Guesthouses", "we", "our" or "us"). It also covers information provided to us by third parties about you.
Please review our Terms of Service which governs your use of the Services, whether online or in person, including when you:

  • Interact with our properties (“Properties”);

  • Use of websites owned and controlled by Signature Florida Guesthouses ("Sites"); 

  • Use of our mobile, web, tablet, desktop and other applications, including applications made available through Facebook, iOS and Android (the “Apps”); and,

  • whether through our Apps, the Sites, at our properties or otherwise (collectively our “Services”).•    Use of any other content, applications, features, functionality, information and services offered by us,


Any capitalized terms that are not defined in this Privacy & Cookie Policy shall have the meaning ascribed in the Terms of Service.
The collection and use of your information as described in this Privacy & Cookie Policy is based on our contractual obligations to you, our legitimate business interest, compliance with our legal or regulatory obligations or, where applicable, your voluntary consent. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy & Cookie Policy, please see information about your rights below.  You also have the choice not to utilize the Services.

2. What Personal Data Do We Process?
We process personal information or other information about you when you interact with any of our Properties, visit our Sites or otherwise use our Services. The information we may process depends upon your interaction with us. The types of personal data that we may process include the following:


  • Reservations and Account Information: You may need to register for an account to access and use certain features, content or functions of the Services, for example, booking a hotel reservation, signing up for loyalty programs or using any of our Apps. When you create an account, we will process personal data as necessary to offer and fulfill the Services you request. Depending on the Services you elect to use and only as necessary to provide such Services, we may ask you for your consent to process your name, date of birth, proof of identity (e.g., driver’s license number, security question), phone number, mailing address, email address, pet’s name, guests’ names, and login credentials (i.e., a unique user name and password or through your Facebook account). Also, when you book a reservation, we may ask for additional specific account information such as arrival and departure information, corporate account number, group or convention code, travel agent number or AAA number. If you limit our processing of this information that we obtained from you via consent, you may not be able to use all of the features of the Services.

  • Additional Profile Information: We may also process descriptive information about our hotel guests, customers (including prospective customers), and visitors so that we can best provide them with a personalized experience to fit their needs. Such information may include information or data relating to your room preferences, concierge services, equipment rental, leisure activities and interests, and other information as necessary to fulfill special requests made by you regarding your stay or services you request from us (e.g., health conditions that require special room accommodations or accessibility). We may also process other information associated with a guest’s stay, customer’s or other visitor’s use of the Services, such as the hotels where you have stayed, check-in/check-out dates, goods and services used, special requests made, observations about your service preferences (including room and vacation preferences, etc.), telephone numbers dialed and faxes, texts and telephone messages received.

  • Premises Security: We may also use closed circuit television and other security measures at our properties that may capture or record images of guests and visitors in public areas of our properties. We may also use closed-circuit television and other technologies that record sound or video for loss prevention and security purposes, and the protection of our guests and visitors to our properties where permitted by law.

  • Payment Information and Purchase History: If you purchase products or offerings on or through our Services, your payment information like your credit or debit card number, card type and expiration date and billing address . We may also use basic personal identifiers to fulfill your order of the Services you requested, such as your name and shipping address. Finally, we also process commercial information about your purchase and transaction history to improve your experience, the details of any purchased services or products, including the date of purchase, rate or product purchase price, food/beverage purchase history, and any wording you may suggest for a gift card. This information may be processed by us and/or payment processors and service providers on our behalf.

  • Location Information: With your permission, we may process your geographic location (GPS) if you have enabled location settings on your Device (e.g., by sharing your location with an App) or on your web browser when you visit our Sites. This information is important to provide you with directions to our properties or to determine your proximity to other features (for example, to determine yardage when playing a golf course). You can disable the settings on your Device or web browser If no longer wish to share this location information. Your Device may also automatically share some location information if you connect to WiFi or Bluetooth. You may refrain from connecting to WiFi and/or disable Bluetooth features on your Device if you would like to prevent this from happening.

  • Personal Data You Choose to Provide for Marketing or Additional Services: We may process personal data that you choose to provide to us when you elect to participate in promotional opportunities through our Apps, Sites, or Services. For example, if you sign up to receive newsletters, marketing emails or other communications regarding the Services and/or promotions from our preferred third-party products or other Signature Florida Guesthouses brands, participate in contests, surveys and other promotions related to the Services. To better serve you, we may process your name, email address, mailing address, gender, interests and phone number to provide these additional features. If any additional personal data will be processed for specific promotions, we will notify you about how that personal data will be treated.

  • Comments, Feedback, Customer Service and Other Inquiries: We encourage you to use the Services (e.g., completing a "Contact Us" form on our Sites or surveys relating to your stay) to tell us about questions you may have, as well as provide us with comments and or feedback about the Services. You may also have opportunities to communicate with other users of the Services and post comments to or otherwise interact with certain aspects of the Services that are available to the public and/or other users. We will process any information you submit, post or provide in the course of such activities to respond to your comments or feedback. In the event you contact one of our properties or customer call centers, we may process information related to conversations, including recording or monitoring customer service calls for quality assurance and training purposes, and to verify your identity.

  • Third Party Platform Information: If you access the Services by logging in using your account credentials from a third-party owned or operated platform/service (e.g., Apple account, Spotify, OpenTable, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) (each, a "Third Party Platform"), post content from our Sites or Apps to a social network, or use various social media features (e.g., "Like" button), we may process certain information from the Third Party Platform, such as your username, "likes", location, birthday, check-ins, comments and reviews, direct messages you may send to us, interests, photos, friends, status updates and other information about your profile with the Third Party Platform. We are not responsible for how Third Party Platforms treat your personal information and you can control how this information is collected by referring to those Third Party Platform’s privacy policy or your profile privacy settings.

  • Advertising Data: We may also use the services of trusted third parties, including advertising networks, social media networks, data exchanges, traffic measurement service providers and marketing analytics service providers to, for example, serve you advertisements on the Services or while using other websites, populate user-specific advertisements and/or measure and analyze advertising effectiveness and/or traffic on or in connection with the Services (“Third Party Advertising Providers”). Third Party Advertising Providers enable us to provide you with more useful advertisements about our Services which are tailored specifically to your interests or to individuals with similar characteristics to our customers and users, including by using tools like Google’s “Customer Match” (click here for more information) or Facebook “Custom Audiences” (click here for more information). These tools combine information you have provided to us through your use of our Services with other data processed about you through third party sites, permitting you to view personalized advertisements about our portfolio of Signature Florida Guesthouses brands on other websites you browse or when you are searching for similar products or services. Additionally, we may use platform tools like Facebook’s “Lookalike Audiences” (click here for more information) to share information you have provided us with social media sites to create “lookalike audiences” (i.e., users with similar characteristics to our customers or like-minded consumers) and provide such users with tailored advertisements about our brands. When using these tools, we only share limited information with Third Party Advertising Providers in hashed, non-human readable form. You can withdraw your consent to this use of hashed portions of your personal information at any time by clicking Third Party Advertising Providers may use their own cookies and other tracking technologies. Signature Florida Guesthouses does not control these Third Party Advertising Providers and/or their use of cookies, which is instead governed by the privacy policies and/or cookie policies of any such Third Party Advertising Provider.

  • Browsing Information, Logs, Usage Data and Other Device Information: When you visit our Sites and use our Apps, we may process information about your activities on our Sites and Apps through the use of technology such as cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies, as further explained in Sections 13 - 14 below. Providing this information is not mandatory and cookie preferences can be set in your browser settings. However, please note that our Sites and Apps may not offer the same functionalities when certain cookies are disabled.

3. How Do We Use the Personal Data We Process?
We may process your personal data (depending on your interaction with us) for any reason that is permitted under data protection laws in accordance with this Privacy & Cookie Policy, which may include the purposes below. Note that the legal bases outlined below are required to be included under European Union (EU) data protection laws, but are not required to be included if you do not reside in the EU.
To fulfill our contractual obligations under an existing agreement with you to provide you with products and services you requested, or in anticipation of entering into such an agreement with you, including, without limitation:

  • To complete and fulfill your hotel reservation and stay, including, processing your payment, providing you with information relating your stay, sending you booking confirmations, cancellations, modifications or pre-arrival/post-arrival messages, and providing you with other information about the area and property in which you are going to stay;

  • To communicate with you about your account, transactions, applications, the Sites and the Services;

  • To respond to requests for information and services, including services from a third party (such as restaurants or transportation providers);

  • To fulfill orders and provide you with products and services you have requested and/or paid for, including for our accounting, auditing or other internal functions, and to offer you an overview of your transactional history;

  • To manage and administer your accounts, including sending you transaction-related emails for such things as account verification, purchase and billing confirmation, processing membership dues, and contacting references you provide;

  • To enforce your legal rights under an agreement; and

  • To provide you with an estimate for our products or services.


To pursue our legitimate business interests, including, without limitation:

  • To provide you with a more personalized level of service, including information and services related to the products and services you purchase from us, available from a trusted third party (such as restaurants, local attractions and transportation options);

  • To manage our business needs, such as monitoring, analyzing, modifying and improving our Services’, including the Sites’, functionality and performance, including changes/updates to features of the Sites/Apps, technical and security notices;

  • For the security and safety of our guests, members and visitors, and for purposes of fraud prevention, including preventing fraud and abuse on and unauthorized access to the Services and Sites;

  • To provide you with information about products and services you have purchased or indicated your interest in;

  • To determine which features and functionality of the Services users like best to help us operate, enhance and improve the Services, including by asking you to participate in a survey relating your use of the Services;

  • To respond to any customer service requests, such as resolving your problems or responding to your questions, managing any complaints or feedback you provide;

  • For statistical analysis of aggregated data to help us segmenting our offering and develop our Services;

  • To better understand the way in which our Sites and Apps are working and offer you a better Site and/or App user experience, to create statistics in relation to the use of our Sites, Apps and our Services generally;

  • To help us diagnose technical issues and problems related to our Services;

  • To grow our business, including our portfolio of Signature Florida Guesthouses branded properties, products and services;

  • To get to know our potential and existing guests, clients, consumers, and users; and

  • To identify relevant content shared with potential and current users.

To comply with our regulatory and legal obligations or to enforce our legal rights, including, without limitation:

  • To meet reporting requirements (e.g., filing tax forms);

  • To retain documents and information related to a legal action;

  • To enforce the Terms of Service; and

  • To report data breaches or unauthorized access to the Services.

With your consent*, including, without limitation:

  • To provide location-specific functionality, features, services or offers;

  • To market to you by delivering marketing materials about our Signature Florida Guesthouses brands, products and services, as well as the products and services of unaffiliated third party businesses;

  • To display online advertising and marketing information based on your use of the Services and other websites services and platforms that you have visited;

  • To provide you with tailored advertisements about our Signature Florida Guesthouses portfolio of brands on third party websites, we may provide your personal information to Third Party Advertising Providers that combine such data with information collected by third-parties to send you advertisements on our Sites and third party websites, about our exclusive offers, brand news and events tailored to you and your interests;

  • To provide personalized services offered by us on third-party websites and online services;

  • To enable you to connect with others who use our Services; and

  • For other purposes for which you may grant consent.

* You can withdraw your consent at any time by following the steps in Section 7 of this Privacy & Cookie Policy.

4. When Do We Share the Personal Information We Process?
We are committed to building relationships with third parties who are dedicated to providing you a safe and satisfying experience. We only provide such third parties with access to your information to the extent reasonably necessary for them to provide the services for which they are contractually engaged to provide. We request that all of our service providers maintain commercially reasonable standards of security and confidentiality and must agree to keep such information secure and confidential in line with this Privacy & Cookie Policy.

In connection with our operations, we may share information we collect from you or about you with some of our affiliates, licensees and third party service providers as necessary to assist us in providing the Services to you, as set forth in more detail below:

Our Group Entities: We may disclose your personal data to our group entities that are affiliates and/or subsidiaries or parents of Signature Florida Guesthouses to provide you with tailored products, services and communications.

Authorized Licensees, Partners and Co-Brokers: We may disclose your personal information to authorized licensees, partners and co-brokers in connection with the Services, including with respect to a reservation you book through us or owners, and managers of Signature Florida Guesthouses-branded, including with owners of hotels that we manage but do not own, to provide you with Services you request and to enable an authorized licensee or partner to operate the business that it licenses. Please note that if you visit a website operated by an authorized licensee or partner, any personal information you provide through that website will be subject to the privacy policy of that authorized licensee and not to this Privacy & Cookie Policy.

Service Providers: We may partner with other companies to help us operate certain aspects of our businesses, including the hosting of our Sites and Apps, operation of our technology infrastructure, processing of payments and reservations, and fulfillment of certain services or products you request from us. We carefully select such third party operators, merchants, website hosts, service providers and participants to your transactions, including our property service providers, such as restaurants, valets and concierge services, for the purpose of (1) assisting with facilitating transactions on or through the Services, (2) providing information technology and customer service assistance, and (3) providing, offering, supporting, administering, maintaining and enabling the Services (including providing a full range of content, activities, services, features and functions offered on or in connection with the Services).

Advertising Providers: In order to provide you with marketing and exclusive offers, including emails and advertisements tailored to you and your interests on and off the Services, we may provide your information to Third Party Advertising Providers.

Co-Sponsors of Promotions: From time to time, we may co-sponsor promotions, sweepstakes, prize draws, competitions or contests with other companies. If you enter one of these sweepstakes or contests, we may share your information with the co-sponsor or third-party sponsor.

Corporate Transactions or Events: We may disclose your personal data in connection with a merger, sale of substantially all of our assets or stock, joint venture, transfer, corporate reorganization or other disposition of our business.

Pursuant to Law, Rule or Regulation: We may share or disclose your information with other parties as we deem necessary or appropriate under applicable law, rule or regulation. Examples of these purposes include: to respond to requests from public, governmental and regulatory authorities, to comply with court orders, to obtain legal remedies or limit our damages, to enforce this Privacy & Cookie Policy or the Terms of Use, and to protect the rights, safety and/or property of you, our employees or others.

To Fulfill Your Requests: If you elect to use certain authentication or sharing features available on the Sites or via the Services, we may use your personal data to fulfill your request to share content with or provide access to such third parties (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter).

Can Children Use Our Sites and Apps?

Our Sites and our Apps are not directed to children under the age of majority. We do not knowingly collect information via our Sites and Apps from children or other individuals who are not legally able to use our Sites and/or our Apps. If we obtain actual knowledge that we have collected personal data from someone under the age of majority, we will promptly delete it unless we are legally obligated to retain such data. If you believe that we have mistakenly or unintentionally collected information from someone under the age of majority, please contact us at For users in the United States, please also visit for information from the Federal Trade Commission about protecting children’s privacy online.

5. How Will We Protect Your Personal Data?
While no data transmission over the internet or wireless networks is 100% secure from intrusion, we maintain and have implemented reasonable physical, electronic, technical and procedural security policies and measures to protect the personal data that we process, which are consistent with applicable privacy and security laws. These policies and measures are designed to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access, modification and disclosure and unlawful destruction of your personal data. The security measures can change and be modified over time, but generally include, but are not limited to, firewalls, data encryption, physical access controls to our data centers, servers and hardware and information access authorization controls, regular testing and updating of the systems and training programs.
While we are dedicated to securing your personal data and our systems and Services, you are responsible for securing and maintaining the privacy of your credentials (e.g., user name, password or account information) and verifying that personal data we maintain about you is accurate and current. It is your responsibility to give us current, complete, truthful and accurate information, and to keep such information up to date. We cannot and will not be responsible for any problems or liability that may arise if you do not give us accurate, truthful or complete information, or you fail to update such information. We will reject and delete any entry that we believe in good faith to be false, fraudulent or inconsistent with this Privacy & Cookie Policy.

6. How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Data?
We access, retain, store and use personal data for the least amount of time necessary pursuant to our relationship with you (e.g., to provide you with or access to our products and services), in accordance with our data retention policies and applicable law. We do not process more personal data than is necessary to fulfill our obligations to you or at law or for purposes stated in this Privacy & Cookie Policy.

7. What Rights and Choices Do You Have with Regard to Your Personal Data?

How to Unsubscribe from Signature Florida Guesthouses Hotels' Marketing: If you want to unsubscribe from receiving tailored advertisements on third party sites (as described in "Advertising Data" in Section 2) and/or marketing emails sent by or on behalf of Signature Florida Guesthouses, you can do so by visiting our email subscription center or by following the instructions in any such marketing email you receive from us.
Modifying Privacy Settings: You also may be able to adjust certain privacy, permission and user account settings under the Signature Florida Guesthouses Hotels emails subscription center, by responding to request alerts or notifications on your Device or by navigating to the settings, account or privacy section (as the case may be) of your Device or the applicable Third Party Platform and limiting certain Service functionality (e.g., location services, etc.). Please be aware that if you limit the collection of certain information, you may not be able to use all of the features and functionality of the Services.

8. What Are Your EU Rights with Regard to Your Personal Data?
If you are in the EU, you may have certain additional rights with respect to the personal data you provided to us. To the extent permitted by applicable data protection laws, under EU laws you may have:

The Right to Access: You have the right to request copies of your personal data. We may charge you a small fee for this service.

The Right to Rectification: You have the right to request that we correct any information you believe is inaccurate. You also have the right to request we complete information you believe is incomplete.

The Right to Erasure: Under certain conditions, you have the right to request that your personal data be erased, under certain conditions.

The Right to Restrict Processing: Under certain conditions, you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data.

The Right to Object to Processing: Under certain conditions, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

The Right to Data Portability: Under certain conditions, you have the right to request we transfer the Personal Information that we have collected to another organization, or directly to you.

How to Exercise these Rights: If you make a request, we have one month to respond to you. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us at:

(954) 990-4895     
Signature Florida Guesthouses, c/o Privacy Administrator
Attn: EU Privacy Rights Request
2405 NE 7th Ave

Wilton Manors, FL 33305

Although we urge you to contact us to find a solution for every concern you may have, you always have the right to lodge a complaint with your competent data protection authority. Please note that some requests may require you to verify your identity.

Will Personal Data be Transferred Outside of the European Economic Area (EEA)?
Our operations are supported by a network of computers, cloud-based servers, and other infrastructure and information technology, including, but not limited to, third-party service providers. We and some of our subsidiaries and affiliates, servers, vendors and service providers may not be located in your jurisdiction and may also be located outside of the European Economic Area and Switzerland. If you are an EU citizen or resident in the EU, we will transfer your personal data to the United States in accordance with EU data protection law requirements by using model contractual clauses that have been approved by the European Commission or other appropriate means.

Please note that such transfers may also be necessary in order to perform our obligations under a contract with you, to fulfill a request made by you, to meet a legal or regulatory obligation and/or through obtaining you express consent. If you make transactions with parties outside the EEA or Switzerland or connect our Service with platforms, such as Facebook, outside the EEA or Switzerland, we are required to transfer your Personal Data with those parties in order to provide the requested Service to you. If you wish to gain more information about such transfers, please contact us at

If you are a California Resident, you may have specific rights over your personal information including:
The Right to Know: You have the right to request information about:

  • The categories of personal information we collected about you;

  • The categories of sources from which we collected that information;

  • Our business or commercial purpose for collecting that information;

  • The categories of third parties with whom we shared that information; and

  • The specific pieces of personal information we collected about you in the past 12 months.

You also have the right to request a copy of your personal information.

The Right to Deletion: Under certain conditions, you have the right to request that we delete your personal information. Please note that simply uninstalling the App or Services does not delete your account or the personal information we may have collected. 

Selling Your Personal Information: Signature Florida Guesthouses does not intend to sell your personal information to third parties without providing you notice and an opportunity to opt out.

How to Exercise these Rights: To submit a request to exercise these rights you may contact us at:

(954) 990-4895     
Signature Florida Guesthouses, c/o Privacy Administrator
Attn: CA Privacy Rights Request
2405 NE 7th Ave

Wilton Manors, FL 33305


All requests must be labeled “Your California Privacy Rights” on the email subject line or envelope or post card. For all requests, please clearly state that the request is related to “Your California Privacy Rights”, include your name, street address, city, state, zip code and e-mail address (your street address is optional if you wish to receive a response to your request via email) and indicate your preference on how our response to your request should be sent (email or postal mail). We will not accept requests via fax. We are not responsible for notices that are not labeled or sent properly, or that do not have complete information. You can always opt-out or unsubscribe by emailing

Before we can provide you with information, however, we will need to verify your identity using the personal information you recently provided to us. If we are not able to verify your request we will contact you for more information, or we may deny the request and we will explain the basis for the denial. Please note the procedures are intended to protect individuals’ privacy.

Designating an Authorized Agent: You may designate someone to submit requests and act on your behalf (an “Authorized Agent”). To do so, you must provide us with written permission to allow your Authorized Agent to act on your behalf. 

No Discrimination: We will not unlawfully discriminate against you for exercising any of these rights.

Do Not Track: We may collect information about your internet activity to help us provide you with relevant advertisements, incentives or offers. Some web browsers or smartphones have the ability to set “Do Not Track” requests to block user activity from being tracked across web pages or devices. The Apps and Sites do not recognize “Do Not Track” signals.

Unsubscribing from Direct Marketing: You may exercise your choice to know what third parties we may have shared your personal information with for their direct marketing purposes. You also have the right to opt out of such information sharing by exercising the unsubscribe options listed above in Section 7.

9. What Are Cookies?
A cookie is a small data file that is placed on the hard drive of your Device when you visit a website. Some cookies are functional and enable additional functionality when a user accesses the website (e.g., allows users to save user preferences or language suggestions). Other cookies are non-functional and allow the website and third parties to tailor messages and advertising relevant to a user’s interests. When we refer to cookies, this includes other similar technologies such as flash cookies, pixel tags, web beacons or bugs (including transparent or clear gifs). We use cookies to keep track of how you use our Sites and Services so we may provide a personalized service.

10. What Types of Cookies Do We Use?
We do not place cookies until you elect to continue using our Site after our cookie banner displays.
Our cookie management tool uses Cookiepedia to, with no input from us, automatically categorize cookies that we deploy on our Sites. We use the following types of cookies:

Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are necessary for the Sites to function and cannot be switched off in our systems. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling in forms. You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but some parts of the Site(s) may not work if you choose to do so.

Performance Cookies: These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic sources, so we can measure and improve the performance of our Sites. They help us know which pages are the most and least popular and see how visitors move around the Sites. All information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when you have visited our Site(s).
Functional Cookies: These cookies allow the provision of enhanced functionality and personalization, such as videos and live chats. They may be set by us or by third party providers whose services we have added to our pages. If you do not allow these cookies, then some or all of these functionalities may not function properly.
Targeting Cookies: These cookies are set through our site by our advertising partners. They may be used by those companies to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant ads on other sites. They work by uniquely identifying your browser and Device. If you do not allow these cookies, you will not experience our targeted advertising across different websites.


You can also learn more about cookies and set cookies preferences from,, and

11. What Information Is Processed By Cookies?
Our use of cookies helps us deliver an effective and personalized online service to you. We leverage our cookies as well as technologies form our Advertising Partners.

Our Cookies. We deploy cookies to help us to identify how users navigate to and around our Sites, to track your use of the Site(s) (e.g. to enable us to process your orders) and to enable some of the features within the Sites that may be beneficial to you (e.g. allow you to adjust language preferences or advertising settings), to recognize you when you return to our Sites (this speeds up your access to the Site as you do not have to log in each time), to carry out research and statistical analysis to help improve our content, products and services, to help us better understand your requirements and interests, target our and other Signature Florida Guesthouses brands’ marketing and advertising campaigns more effectively by providing interest-based advertisements that are personalized to your interests, and to make your online experience more efficient and enjoyable. We also use cookies to analyze audience size and user experience. We may also use technologies, such as our own cookies, to provide you with personalized online display advertising tailored to your interests. 

Third-party cookies. We may also use cookies issued by third parties to track the websites you visited before and after our Sites or search terms you used immediately prior to visiting our Sites. This helps us improve our online profile and tailor advertising to you. We may also use such cookies to display content from third parties. The third party suppliers are responsible for the cookies they set on our Sites. If you want further information please go to the website for the relevant third party.

12. What Is Our Legal Basis For Processing Information Collected By Cookies?
The information we obtain from our use of cookies may contain your personal data but only where you voluntarily provide it (e.g., by completing an online form, membership application, loyalty application or entering your email address into a subscriber box) or where you purchase goods or services from us. We will process your personal data for required cookies based on our legitimate interests. For performance, functional and targeting cookies, we will process your personal data based on your consent. For more information about how we process your personal information, obtain consent and how you may withdraw consent, please for to Sections 1 -12 of this Privacy & Cookie Policy.


By continuing to browse on our Site(s) you consent to us deploying cookies as described in this policy. 

Note that changing cookie settings may affect certain features within this Site. If you have any questions about our use of cookies or other technologies or this policy, you may email us at

13. What Other Information Should I Know?
From time to time, we may modify this Privacy & Cookie Policy to reflect industry initiatives, third party requirements or changes in the law, technology, our information processing practices or the features and functionality of the Services, and such modifications shall be effective upon posting. When we change this Privacy & Cookie Policy in a material way, a notice will be posted on our Site along with the updated Privacy & Cookie Policy. Your continued use of the Services after we post a revised Privacy & Cookie Policy (and, where appropriate, notify you of the same) signifies your acceptance of the revised Privacy & Cookie Policy. It is therefore important that you review this Privacy & Cookie Policy regularly to ensure you are updated as to any changes. We may continue to process your information based on our legitimate interests or in order to fulfill our obligations under a contract and/or may also seek your affirmative consent to the terms of the updated Privacy & Cookie Policy. For example, we may ask for your consent before implementing new uses of the personal data that we’ve already collected from you based on such consent, if such new use was not addressed by the privacy policy under which such information was collected or if our legal basis for processing such information changes.

The Services may be linked to, rely on and/or be integrated with websites, applications, interfaces, services and/or platforms operated by third party companies, including service providers, Third Party Platforms and developers/owners of certain Signature Florida Guesthouses-branded properties. The Services may also feature advertisements from other third parties. Signature Florida Guesthouses is not responsible for the privacy practices of any websites, applications, interfaces, services and platforms operated by such third parties that are linked to, rely on and/or integrated with the Services, or for the privacy practices of third party advertising companies. Once you leave this Services via such a link, access a third party application, interface, service, or platform, including Third Party Platforms and websites operated by service providers or third parties, or click on or navigate to an advertisement, you should check the applicable privacy policy of such third party to determine, among other things, how they will handle any personally identifiable or other information that they may collect from you.

14. How Can You Contact Us?
If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, how we handle your personal data or any of the terms or conditions of this Privacy & Cookie Policy, please feel free to contact us at:     
Signature Florida Guesthouses, c/o Privacy Administrator
Attn: Privacy Matters
2405 NE 7th Ave

Wilton Manors, FL 33305


PP-2.What Personal Data Do We Process?
PP-3.How Do We Use the Personal Data We Process?
PP-4.When Do We Share the Personal Information We Process?
PP-5. How Will We Protect Your Personal Data?
PP-6. How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Data?
PP-7. What Rights and Choices Do You Have with Regard to Your Personal Data?
PP-8. What Are Your EU Rights with Regard to Your Personal Data?
PP-9. What Are Cookies?
PP-10. What Types of Cookies Do We Use?
PP-11. What Information Is Processed By Cookies?
PP-12. What Is Our Legal Basis For Processing Information Collected By Cookies?
PP-13. What Other Information Should I Know?
PP-14.How Can You Contact Us?
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